GTA 4 Now Backward Compatible

Someone, please tell other sites that it’s always backward, not backwards when it comes to writing backward compatible.

Okay, so I got that out of my system, and I can tell you the big news. Actually, you’re probably already read the big news when you clicked on the headline.

That’s right, GTA 4 is now playable on the Xbox One.

I only played this title a little back in the day, so I think I may give it another try. It’s not as though the game wasn’t fun, it simply proved to be a little too real for me. Truly, a few missions into the game I found myself needing to assassinate some criminal jerk on an elevated train platform. No big deal, right?

I had a machine gun with me, and when I saw him, I opened up. He ran. I pursued. I sent more shots his way. I hit an innocent bystander instead.

Before, in GTA games, it was no big deal to shoot innocents. They died, I collected their money, and went on.

Not in GTA 4. I shot a guy and he fell to the ground and began begging for is life. Then he started trying to crawl away. He only made it a few feet before he perished.

I swear to Darwin it was the most emotionally damaging thing that’s ever happened to me in a video game. I turned the game off, and never went back to it.

Anyways, if that sounds like a good time to you, slap the 360 disc in your Xbox One or pick the game up digitally in the store, you freaking monster.


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