Two New Controllers Revealed

What do you do when 113% of Xbox One controllers are reported (according to a study I just made up in my head based on my own frustrating experiences) as having stick drift issues? You release new designs since everyone is in the market for a new controller!

I kid Microsoft, I kid (but seriously, can you figure out your controller issues?)

Two new controller designs have been announced today, and you probably saw them in the picture you clicked on to come read these words. If you somehow missed them, let me describe them to you.

Ocean Shadow is a design with a blue gradient, the black top of the controller fading into a greenish blue. It’s basically the Dawn Shadow from last year design but in blue instead of pink.

The Winter Forces flavor is a white and gray camo look that will certainly add a little something when you’re blasting Russians in winter-y levels in military shooters.

Both controllers launch February 7th and retail for 70 bucks.


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