Two New Bundles Announced

Microsoft has recently revealed two new Xbox One S bundles that will be available worldwide shortly.

If you’re a Halo nut you’re in luck, because the first of the announced bundles features the sure to be popular upcoming game Halo Wars 2. If burning rubber is more your speed, check out the Forza Horizon 3 bundle. Forza Horizon 3 was the best-reviewed racing game of 2016.

Each bundle is available in a 1tb model, though the Forza edition also comes in a 500gb flavor if you’re into both video games and frustratingly having to delete a game after you fill up the damn machine. (Let’s face it these days that’s like five games because the games are so damn big and why the hell do they have to be so damn big in the first place? I mean come on this is getting ridiculous and I don’t even know which one to delete because I feel like playing any of them sometimes and I won’t know beforehand until I decide to play it!)

The 1tb Forza bundle is available in the US now and will be joined by the smaller model and head worldwide on February 7th. The Halo Wars 2 bundle will be available worldwide ten days later, on the 17th.


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