Four More for EA Access

With two Battlefield games recently releasing for the EA Access subscription service, EA is already looking ahead to the future. Alongside Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2‘s release, the company announced the next four titles gamers can expect to hit the vault sometime in 2017:

Dead Space Ignition is a kart racer set in the grim world of Dark Space. Just kidding, of course, it’s a puzzle game set in the grim world of Dead Space, but isn’t my idea just freaking awesome?


Madden NFL 17 is an indie title that brings the world of Good Charlotte together with the National Frisbee League. Playing as Joel or Benji Madden, players lead their team to the Frisbee World Championships. Or this might be the latest game in the storied football franchise. I can’t remember.


Skate 3 is one I’m not even joking about. Finally, Skate 3 is becoming backward compatible! Best of all, EA Acess subscribers will get it with their subscription.

Zuma’s Revenge is a game I’m unfamiliar with, but I have a sneaking suspicion it also has to do with Good Charlotte. Actually no, after doing some journalistic research, I find that it’s a puzzle game.

These four games will join the over 30 other titles in the vault in 2017, though EA hasn’t committed to a time frame beyond “later this year.”





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